On-Going Events:

To find out more about these events, please go to the event listed below and click on the link: Women’s Bible Study, Men’s Bible Study, Alzheimer’s Support Group, Cancer Discussion Group, Faith In Action, Men In Trucks

Ongoing Special Events:

Our Christian Women’s Fellowship meets in the Bluebonnet room (intersection of Boggy Ford Road and American Drive) at 9:30am.  All women of the area are invited to attend.  Our Men’s Bible Study meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month beginning at 8am in our Worship Center.  We begin with breakfast tacos and fellowship at 8am with Bible Study beginning at 8:30am.

This Week’s Calendar:  February 11, 2019 – February 17, 2019

Monday February 11th – 2:00pm:  LEADERSHIP COUNCIL MEETING in the Worship Center
Tuesday, February 12th – 8:00am:  MEN’S BIBLE STUDY meets in the Worship Center with a light breakfast at 8am and our continuing look at the Most Destructive Cults in America.  What methods do these cults use to get such a hold on people that they do things that go against all that is logical from refusing health care for their children to committing suicide at the behest of their leadership.  Come and find out.
Wednesday, February 13th – 9:30am:  WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY meets in the Bluebonnet Room at the intersection of Boggy Ford and American drives beginning at 9:30am with a new study on REVELATION.  Open to all women in the Lago Vista, Jonestown and Point Venture communities.  There is a study guide that goes with this study.  One can be purchased at the meeting.
Thursday, February 14th HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!
Friday, February 15th
Saturday, February 16th –  
Sunday, February 17th- 10:30am:  WORSHIP SERVICE SERVICES are held each Sunday morning in our Worship Center at the intersection of Highland Lake and American Drives. Come hear once again the glorious message that Jesus Christ is alive in the world today.