Long Range Planning Member Survey

The Leadership Council of LCF is asking for your opinions!   The church is working on a long range plan for the next 3 to 5 years and needs your help by answering some survey questions and offering your opinions in several different categories.  Your participation is important to the success of creating the plan because the views and opinions of the congregation
will give context and help form the content of the plan.
To make the survey more “consumable”, we are splitting it up into 4 separate parts.  The first part is on the Vision, the Mission, and who you see as our target constituents.  To respond online, simply fill out the questionnaire below – you can write as much as you’d like. (signing into Google is not required).  If you’d rather use paper and pencil, a link to a .pdf of the questionnaire is provided below. 
Or you can pick up a copy of the questionnaire at the church office. 
We’re asking that you provide your feedback for this part of the survey by November 12th, which is two weeks from when this part was distributed and also the day when the next part of the survey will be distributed.  For paper responses, there’ll be a box in the back of the church for drop off.  If you answer online below, dropping off paper at the church will not be required.  You may either include your name or answer anonymously; either way your answers are greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
                                           THE EASIEST WAY TO RESPOND IS TO FILL OUT THE SURVEY ONLINE.   
                                               Part 1    Vision, Mission, Target Constituents 
                            Part 2    Worship Experience; Christian Education; Congregation Care                                                               Part 3    Outreach (Local and Extended Mission), Stewardship, Public Relations
         Part 4     Facilities     
ONLY If you want to work on paper, click the link on the next line for the .pdf version: